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Blaster | M.K. Johan (BRUNEI - SHELL) (Brunei)

ï?? Fully experienced in grit blasting to a visual standard of SA 2 1/2 near white metal Swedish Standard SIS, handle and operate power tool cleaning, hand tool cleaning and solvent cleaning. Be familiar with the safety requirement of grit blasting.
ï?? The blasters shall be able to shot blast any metal surface to any Swedish Pictorial Standard from SA 1 to SA 3.
ï?? The blasters shall be to work in confined spaces, at heights or from suspended work platforms.


QUALIFICATION: College Level EXPERIENCE: 5 yrs â?¢ 3 yrs experience in shot blasting work using all types of abrasives including GMA garnett and glass beads. â?¢ 2 yrs experience in protective coating application work.