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Insulation Supervisor | M.K. Johan (BRUNEI - SHELL) (Brunei)

ï?? He should have knowledge of the latest revision of the CINI guideline and know how to apply the guideline for hot and cold insulation.
ï?? He shall be able to take measurements and be familiar with sheet metal equipments and make sketches for the fabrication of sheet metal work as well as being capable of installing the finished work.
ï?? He must be capable of exercising firm control over his subordinates and must meet the stringent standards (QA/QC) required for insulation work.
ï?? He shall be well experienced in the operation and general maintenance of mechanical agitators and foaming machines, and in quality control procedures.


QUALIFICATION: College Level EXPERIENCE: 5 yrs As Supervisor in: â?¢ Thermal and Cryogenic Insulation â?¢ Vapour barriers and Glass fibre Reinforced Epoxy â?¢ Mixing of chemicals for the formulation of Polyurethane Foam and the â?¢ Maintenance/ Installation of refractory bricks or mortar work. â?¢ Sheet metal work