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Mechanical Engineer | M.K. Johan (BRUNEI - SHELL) (Brunei)

ï?? Skilled in the fabrication and erection of pipe work, the general maintenance and repair of process and power plant.
ï?? be capable of interpreting engineering drawings and have a good
knowledge of industrial quality and safety standards;
ï?? be fluent in the English language (both spoken and written);
ï?? be capable of supervising the artisans and performing any administrative
work. Such activities may include but will not be limited to obtaining and
renewing work permits,(e.g. Clearance Certificates, Fire Permits etc.),
submitting daily time sheets, input required data for the COMPANY
computerized engineering administration systems;
ï?? be able to exert full disciplinary and trade control over the CONTRACTOR
ï?? have received an engineering apprenticeship or training in Mechanical
Engineering and have had approximately six (6) years further suitable
experience with a minimum of two (2) years satisfactory supervisory


QUALIFICATION: College Bachelor Degree EXPERIENCE: 10 Years (2 years as supervisor)